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Hard Facts


Liburnia Hotels & Villas






2020 – 2021



The Croatian hotel chain commissioned us to take over their social media profiles and rid them of duplicates. The aim was to merge around 15 existing profiles into one for each social media channel and to remove footprints from the old brand in the profiles. In addition, a new social media strategy for 2021 had to be developed and implemented.


Liburnia Hotels & Villas are now equipped with a uniform social media presence, which is managed exclusively by the hotel group. The existing channels are now regularly updated with appropriate content, which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of visitors. Through regular postings and the efficient use of the advertising budget, numerous new bookings were generated despite the COVID 19 pandemic.


3.000: That’s how many new followers were generated on Facebook and Instagram within three months.


About the company

Liburnia Hotels & Villas is the largest hotel group in the Kvarner region with one of the longest hotel traditions in Croatia. The ideal geographical location of the associated 13 hotels, 5 villas, and 1 campsite make it a desirable holiday destination and an attractive place for business trips within Europe. From three to five-star hotels and a campsite, Liburnia Hotels & Villas offers the ideal accommodation for different needs and budgets.


How we did it

As part of the analysis, a kick-off workshop was held with the entire team in Croatia, where the status quo and further activities were identified. The two-day workshop included both a target group definition and a SWOT analysis for the final brand positioning.

The first operational step was to evaluate all existing social media profiles and remove them accordingly or to merge them with the existing ones. For this purpose, it was necessary to take certain legal steps to ensure that the duplicates were removed by Facebook in compliance with the law. For content generation, a large photo and video shoot was conducted in Opatija. The results were more than 10,000 photos and 60 hours of video footage for the client. This material was used to produce several trailers for the company.

In close consultation with our client, we have developed a 3-month content plan for the launch of the new social media appearance. Our Marketing & Communication District was there to provide advice from the strategy to the operational implementation of the plan including the social media ads. We recreated both the visual and textual content production with the help of storytelling. Through ongoing monitoring and reporting, the new strategy was analyzed and optimized in the first three months.